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6 Month Forecast




Since the cards need a specific question and time frame, I suggest that a forecast for your next 6 months be the intent of the reading.

First I ask you to concentrate on asking the cards to show you what your next 6 months will be like.

Twelve Cards
DRAW ONE CARD for EACH area of activity (House) in your life (see chart below). These areas numbered 1 - 12 and relate to the 12 Houses that are found in any Western Astrological Chart.This variety of areas of activity will allow us to address all your issues and concerns.

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Here is the order I follow to interpret your card combinations.:

Card 1 = Your first card sets the tone for the next six months. It represents your energy and vitality levels, your goals and how you will take action to achieve them. How you are seen on a personal level, hair, dress, posture, image, the impression you create when you walk in a room. How others see you.

Cards 1 and 6 = Together they show your health and energy for the next six months.

Cards 2, 6, 10 = All are job related cards. 2 represents what you will be doing to make money over the next six months. Your financial status over the next six months. 6 represents how you will handle the systems and the efficiency of your filing, stacking and organizing in your job. Six is also any relationship where work is involved. You work for them, they work for you or you meet them thru a job related experience. 10 represents the name or type of your job. It is both life and work’s responsibilities. It is how others see you in a professional capacity. How you appear to others when handling your responsibilities. And finally, your professional status over the next six months.

Cards 3-7-11= Social experience over the next six months. 3 represents your relationships with local travel, small informal gatherings, close friends, sibblings, your neighbors and the people in the town or towns you are in during the next 6 months. 7 represents one to one contacts. When it’s just you and one other. Business, friendship or love. 7 is also marriage and counseling. 11 is large formal gatherings. Any group with a name that meets regularly, any community or political involvement or any class you give or take. Friends in larger groups.

Card 3 = Is also your mind, communication, analyzing and listening skills over the next six months. What you talk and think about. How your mind runs.

Card 11 = also represents your own tolerance toward others, your personal cutting edge expressions and directions. Anything futuristic and different from the mainstream. As well as the types of surprises that you may experience over the next 6 months.

Card 4 = Relationships with family, parents, your parenting skills, your emotional support group, women, your living space, anyone who lives with you, real estate and property and how you will handle any emotionally charged experience over the next six months.

Cards 5, 7, 8 = Love/sex relationships. 5 is the lover and the romantic climate of the next six months. 7 is the one to one relationship with any partner. Attitudes about sharing and cooperating. 8 is the tone of, and/or experiences of a sexual nature over the next six months.

Card 5 = Is also fun, children if you have them or your own child within, creative ideas and experiences, parties, art, music, theater, love of all kinds including romantic love.

Card 8 = Is also stocks, bonds, loans, inheritances, investments, other peoples money and values and how these affect you.

Card 9 = Your ability to expand and grow based on your self-confidence over the next six months. Any long distance travel or contacts with people who were raised differently than you. People of other cultures, other countries, and distant cities. Any issues related to medicine, law, advertising, promotion, higher education and /or organized religion.

Card 12 = Spirit, soul work, prayer, meditation, metaphysics, visualization, ESP and the occult sciences (the 11th House can also relate to occult sciences ). 12 is prisons, monasteries, nunneries, asylums, institutions, or any withdrawal from everyday life and commerce.

I also look at your birth date. I include your birth specifics and any activity to your birth planets in the next six months along with the cards. I also look at the positions of the nodes during your birth year. They are both the present and past soul's purpose.

North Node = Present: It represents what you came to learn to make a habit of in this life, to balance out those old habits. You have no previous experience here. This is harder to get started. It’s new and different from the things that have become automatic old behaviors. By persevering at making the new issues of the north node automatic habits and behaviors in this life, you can achieve real growth and fulfillment.

Finding out your North Node position could be the single most important insight offered by Astrology. The sign, house and aspects to your North Node show the behaviors, experiences, qualities and types of people that lead you to true growth, fulfillment, enjoyment and self respect.

South Node = Past: all your old dead end, too easy, repetitious habits and patterns from the past. You are finished/completed here. Repeating these habits will get you nowhere and drain your energy. Teach these habits to others and focus your growth energy on your North Node.


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